FULL ENCOUNTER Open Carry AR15’s, Medford Oregon, 2013 08 28

DATE: 28 August, 2013
LOCATION: Downtown Medford Oregon
WEAPONS: M9, FN Five-Seven, two (2) AR15’s
SUBJECT: Police encounter
NOTE: While this video has been edited, that is only to make the best use of all available audio and video sources. The encounter is complete and not cut to change the way the encounter appears.

Marked Guardian and I encounter three police officers (including the Chief of Police) while exercising our 2nd amendment rights. When all is done, we left with our rights intact, my identity unknown to the officers, and perhaps a few points made. As we were directly across the street from the Rogue Community College campus, there were also students who saw us armed with “black rifles” and talking to the police while NOT cuffed, proned out, etc.

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