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Full Time RV Living / RV Travel Videos/RVerTV Travelled to Bend Oregon Support RVerTV For Free! Click Here : Social Contact Pages: RVerTV On Facebook ... RVerTV On Twitter... My Discover A Lot More

Bend Oregon

Living in Bend, Oregon has its moments. Here are images of some of ours. Access to lakes, trails, the Deschutes River, Mt Bachelor, parks, festivals, and of course breweries, all make Bend, Oregon one of the best places on earth to live! Cheers! Discover A Lot More

Bend, Oregon

Between June 5 and June 10, my fiancee Keri and I visited Bend, Oregon to see if we would like the town enough to eventually move. The answer was a resounding yes after only a few days. During the trip I took some low quality video with my camera, Discover A Lot More